Anonymous asked: What was your first wave?

i was about 6 or 7 years old and went out with my dad and two sisters i was basically by myself cus my dad was with my other sisters. i was riding my dads old single fin haut from the 70s and stood up on a little white water wave!

Anonymous asked: what do you think about tandem surfing?

its cool as long as u have a long enough board and both people are comfortable enough with their surfing to not hurt themselves or those around them. but when people really get the hang of it, it can be beautiful to watch 

boho-beach-bum asked: Just got so hype to find out your from jersey!! I live in PA and go to nj whenever I get the chance to in the summer to surf! East coasters 😛😎

haha yesss. east coast 

Anonymous asked: So I've been intersted in trying to surf for so long it's insane. My style is completely that of a surfer and i want to start asap. I've heard that if you're really athletic, which I am, then you can probably start with a short board. Is this true? Do you have to start on a long board? Also, whether its short or long, which is the best type of board to start with the very first time? I'm 5'4 and about 130 pounds. Any ideas about what make, what dimensions, etc. are best for a first board?

hmm well its all about your preference whether you prefer longboarding or shortboarding. but longboards are definitely easier to learn on no matter how athletic you are. you could really get away with any dimensions on a longboard due to your height and weight but i would probably go with like a board in the 8 foot range. for a short board i suggest something more fun shaped (thicker with round nose) and in like the 6’4”- 7’6” range cus that would still give ya enough float but not be too restricting.  for your first couple times out tho i would definitely go with a bigger board. hope i helped ya out. goood luck :) 

Anonymous asked: Am i embarrassing myself by having a volcom sticker on my board even though im not sponsored by them?...i don't wanna look stupid :/

people dont usually take to kindly to those who have sponsor stickers on their boards when they are not sponsored

livetoseathesea-deactivated2014 asked: I love you Blog it is so clever and true! follow ?

haha thanks you got it

livetoseathesea-deactivated2014 asked: follow me. your blog is so cool and it would me the world to me

haha thank you. i like your blog aswell, its lovely. i cant follow u on this blog cus its not my personal but i will follow you on my personal its megista 

Anonymous asked: Hi! So I'm absolutely in love with surfing, I've been to Hawaii and surfed on little waves. I'm not very good, and when we came back to the states all I want to do is surf! I live no wear near a beach to surf on. Any thing I could do at home to help me next time I will be able to surf? Thanks !

hello. youre so lucky to have surfed in hawaii! and in order to stay sane you should skate, thats what i do to clear my mind when theres no waves. also you could keep up with surfing through magazine and surf blogs and movies just to stay connected 

surfing-incalifornia-deactivate asked: Great blog!!! Love surfing! It's sad because I used to surf but no I love in a place where I can't :( anyhow I just love your blog! Follow back? Maybe

thanks you so much! and i cant follow anybody on this blog,only my personal which is megista but ill check out ya blog!

skateanddestroy-surfandenjoy asked: hey! you took a trip to rincon? i use to live there!

yess! i love it there. ive been goin for the last couple years!